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Mexico Wins Tarrif War and Makes Trump Agreee to AMLO’s Integrated Development Plan for Central America

United States – In the middle of negotiations Mexico plays their ACE card and freezes the bank accounts of 26 individuals that were funding the Caravan from the United States.

* Americans and British Individuals involved in the financing of the migrant caravans.

* Presure by Republicans, Mexico and Democrats, Trump finally caves in.

The Mexican Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and various agencies of the Government of Mexico, blocked on Thrusday the bank accounts of various individuals and corporations that participate in the trafficking of migrants and the illegal organization of the migrant caravans.

The obtained information by Mexican authorities by the UIF analysis, alerted them of the trafficking of migrants, specifically caravans of migrants coming into Mexico from October 2018 to today, as well as the flow of economic resources through money transfers into Mexican territory.

From the information obtained by the UIF of the money transfers, a group of people was identified who, in the period of passage of the migrant caravans, made unusual operations from Chiapas and Querétaro from different countries, including the United States, England, and even some countries considered as risky jurisdictions by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Based on the route followed by the migrant caravan, which departed on the southern border of Mexico, a series of operations and financial transfers were detected from Querétaro to six cities on the border with the United States, such as Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juárez, Ciudad Acuña, Piedras Negras and Reynosa.

With this new methodology ran by the Mexican authorities, illegal payment for migrant smuggling is presumed to be utilize, since it revealed the relationship that exists between the passage of migrant caravans and deposits in ATM machines, made to the previously mentioned Mexican cities, coming from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Cameroon, United States and England.

For all the above, Mexican Authorities have instructed the inclusion of twenty-six people to the List of Blocked Persons, due to its probable link with migrant smuggling and illicit support to migrantcaravans. Mexico will be sending the corresponding complaints to be presented before their General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic.

“With actions like this the Government of Mexico endorses its policy of frontally fighting the economic structures of human traffickers, this guaranteeing full respect for the human rights of all migrants considered in international legislation on the matter, taking into account their situation of vulnerability and the maximum recognition of their dignity.” said the mexican Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF).

The Trump Administration concluded negotiations with the Mexican diplomats late last night. Mexico promised to expedite the newly-formed Mexican National Guard, that was meant to be deployed throughout the nation by the end of June, to Monday.

The new Mexican National Guard was approved by the Mexican congress last month and is currently in-training with a deployment date of June 30th. The guard was formed with the intention to safeguard the country’s loose police safety and to tackle the crime rate, and it will continue to do so, but Mexico will now expedite six thousand National Guardsmen to the southern border of Mexico to increase the number of guards.

As part of the agreement, the United States will be providing 6 billion dollars to Mexico new Progressive President AMLO’s Integrated Development Plan for Central America. A plan co-exponsored by the United Nations and several NGOs. It will consist in the implemention of farming programs, job-creation programs, education, internet, roads and gas pipeline infrastructure that will generate better living conditions for the people of that region, so they don’t feel the need to flee their countries due to poverty and crime.

AMLO’s revolutionary plan focuses on tackling the immigration crisis from its roots, in that many studies have shown that when there is well being and a good standard of living, the crime automatically decreases.

At the end of the day, if it wasn’t for the Congressional pressure from the US, and the scare Mexico gave Trump in Publicly disclosing the connection of the Caravan to United States individuals, the negotiations would probably have failed and Tariffs would have begun this Monday.

This is another score for the new Progressive President Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador, and a slap in the face to the rating agencies that we’re already hawking Mexico by downgrading it right after the Tariff threat.

(Esta nota ha sido escrita basada en la información publicada por la agencia de Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera en México.)
Bill Montgomery

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